Thursday, 8 June 2017

WOW! Where has this term gone!!

I can't believe it is the end of week 6 already! I had planned to post every week!! Here are a few of the highlights of the term so far...

Today was Grandparents day, some of our class were involved in the concert and everyone enjoyed having these very special visitors in our class. 

Look at all these gorgeous grandparents who came in today to support their grandchild's learning

Here are some of our poems we wrote about our grandparents...

We made Dragon boats during our Mandarin lesson after hearing the story about how the dragon boat festival came about 

Our P.E. focus this term is Gymnastics and we are very fortunate to have lessons once a week in our school hall.

Music with Ms Laxton is always fun

Our school trip to the Auckland Botanic Gardens as part of our inquiry unit into local habitats and bird life was an awesome day out...


We had a mufti day for Road Safety, Be Bright, Be Seen. 

We love spending time in the school library and look forward to library time every Tuesday. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Week One, Term 2

We had a great first week back at school, including a fun football clinic

First we played a game of sharks and surfers

Then we played a game of football

 and we finished with a game of stuck in the mud

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Have an Amazing Easter holiday everyone :)

Leave a :) in the comments so I know who's been here!!!!

Term One, 2017

We have had an amazing start to the year, the students and I have been busy working hard to make our learning environment bright and inviting and a fun place to spend our days. We have amazing art work up, math's displays and written work throughout the classroom. We were very fortunate to participate in a scheme which provides lunches for students at other schools who don't have lunch everyday, we have Mandarin lessons and Te Reo lessons weekly and we were able to visit the Auckland Zoo earlier in the term as well. Here are some highlights of our term....

If you want your class or school to participate in this amazing scheme, visit their website

Having Fun with Math at our Math Party

Te Reo 


Auckland Zoo

The Zoo Trip

On Tuesday the year 4 students from V.A.S went to the zoo. My favourite part was the meerkats, I saw a guard looking out for danger, and the others finding food. We could go into a tunnel leading to the meerkats place, where you can get up close, but there is a glass there, they were so cute!!!
We realised it was lunch time we quickly went back the meeting place to have lunch, this was my favourite part ever. When we finished lunch we came back to the cute animals now a meerkat was digging a burrow. The meerkats have grey-brown strips across their backs, and yellow-brown fur and a stiff tail too. We learned that they live in the Southern Africa. This was The Best Trip Ever!!!
By Claire

Amazing zoo trip   
It was a cloudy Tuesday the 7th and the year 4`s where going to the Auckland Zoo.  We went by bus,
a very noisy bus!  When we got there we met together in all the classes, there were three educators called Frazer, John and Kirsty. We were going to the lions first. We learnt that lions can hear 2 km’s away! Next we went to the meerkats with Kirsty. Meerkats have a black ring around their eyes. The ring acts like sunglasses. We were at the giraffes next, they had long tongues. My favourite animal was the meerkat because they are soo cute. I had a busy day at the zoo              
                  By Kai